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Everything You Need to Know About Laptop Ergonomics - Mount-It!
Laptops have allowed for increased mobility and portability, allowing you to take your office on the go. Whether you’re traveling for business or getting some work done at the neighborhood coffee shop, laptops and tablet devices give you the power you need, wherever you are. However, using a laptop computer doesn’t mean that ergonomics and proper posture go out the window. Staying healthy and comfortable still requires you to pay attention to how you are sitting while using your laptop. Read on to learn more about laptop ergonomics.
Tips to Keep Your Laptop Cool - Mount-It!

With the growth of telecommuting and travel, laptops have quickly become the go-to work tool for over desktop computers. The extra mobility and portability of laptops often come at the sacrifice of reduced graphics potential, slower processing, and overall lower computing power. Despite some continued advances in hardware and software optimization, one of the biggest problems with laptops is overheating. Read on to learn more about how to cool down a laptop that is overheating.

How to Safely Reopen Your Office Following COVID-19 - Mount-It!
As the world continues to cope with the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, some states and counties are in the first stages of reopening, allowing certain businesses to open for limited operation. Even if your state has approved reopening, don’t expect to head back to the office like nothing has changed. COVID-19 still remains highly active, and without a viable vaccine or treatment, rushing the reopening process or not taking the proper precautions can lead to problems for you, your employees, and public health in general. Read on for some tips on safely reopening your office.
Mount-It! Donates Standing Desks to Local School Teachers Amid COVID-19 - Mount-It!
As the novel coronavirus continues to spread globally and science continues its research into potential treatments, everyday people have had to adjust in a variety of ways, some more drastic than others. While face masks and social distancing have become the norm for almost everyone, teachers have been faced with the challenge of keeping their students engaged while teaching remotely.  As the founders of Mount-It! brainstormed how they could leverage their business to support those in their local community, their thoughts kept circling back to these school teachers.
Our Favorite Exercises to do in the Office - Mount-It!
It’s the middle of the workday and you’re starting to feel sleepy and unmotivated. It’s a feeling many of us with desk jobs know all too well due to the sedentary lifestyle of office work. I mean, who wouldn’t feel groggy and physically stiff after sitting in an office chair for 8 hours?
How to Reduce Back Pain from Sitting at a Desk - Mount-It!
With the advent of desk jobs and office work, more people spend their days with prolonged sitting than ever before. Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2015-2016 found that over 25 percent of participants sat for more than eight hours per day. While there is nothing wrong with taking a load off your feet, sitting at a desk can come with its problems. One of the most prominent health issues associated with sitting at a desk is back pain, which can only get worse if left untreated. Learn more about how to reduce back pain from sitting at a desk below.
How to Boost Your Energy At Work - Mount-It!
Whether it’s the ever-dreaded mid-afternoon slump or a lack of focus after the initial cup of coffee wears off, we’ve all experienced situations where our energy level at work is not where we need it to be for optimal productivity.
7 Easy Standing Desk Exercises - Mount-It!
With the advent of offices and desk jobs came an increase in sitting. While sitting itself is not inherently bad, sitting for long periods of time every day is often associated with an overall sedentary life. This can put a person at risk for a variety of health issues and contribute to an overall reduced quality of life.
How to Use Your Computer Monitor as a TV - Mount-It!

In the modern world of technology, we can use electronic devices in multiple ways for communication. The adaptability takes a technical setup that allows you to get the benefit of a bigger screen without the need for a separate TV. When learning how to use a computer monitor to watch TV, there are a few things to consider before going this route. These include checking for inputs, audio, and cable box outputs on your equipment.

How to Successfully Work from Home - Mount-It!
Making the transition to work from home is an easy one for some, but more challenging for others. From remote video conference calls with clients and coworkers to creating the ideal office setting at home that is free of distractions can be an adjustment. To learn how to successfully work from home, there are basic guidelines to promote a productive work day and each person can customize them to what works best for them.
How to Set Up Multiple Monitors for the Perfect Gaming Setup - Mount-It!
Any gamer knows a single monitor is good, but dual monitors are even better. In fact, having at least two monitors on display is part of any typical gaming setup these days. Much like when used for business, dual monitors allow you to see more content and complete multiple tasks simultaneously. When learning how to set up multiple monitors for gaming, the installation and configuration are similar.
Which Part of Your Body Is Affected by Poor Ergonomics? - Mount-It!
The average person spends over half of the day in a seated position. According to the American Heart Association, sedentary jobs have increased 83 percent since 1950. Combine that with the amount of time people spend in their cars during a commute and at home watching television and trying to relax, it doesn’t add up to much activity for our inactive bodies. Aligning your setup with ergonomic products can largely contribute to your occupational health in the office, as well as help you learn how to successfully work from home when given the opportunity.