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How to Use Your Computer Monitor as a TV - Mount-It!

In the modern world of technology, we can use electronic devices in multiple ways for communication. The adaptability takes a technical setup that allows you to get the benefit of a bigger screen without the need for a separate TV. When learning how to use a computer monitor to watch TV, there are a few things to consider before going this route. These include checking for inputs, audio, and cable box outputs on your equipment.

How to Successfully Work from Home - Mount-It!
Making the transition to work from home is an easy one for some, but more challenging for others. From remote video conference calls with clients and coworkers to creating the ideal office setting at home that is free of distractions can be an adjustment. To learn how to successfully work from home, there are basic guidelines to promote a productive work day and each person can customize them to what works best for them.
How to Set Up Multiple Monitors for the Perfect Gaming Setup - Mount-It!
Any gamer knows a single monitor is good, but dual monitors are even better. In fact, having at least two monitors on display is part of any typical gaming setup these days. Much like when used for business, dual monitors allow you to see more content and complete multiple tasks simultaneously. When learning how to set up multiple monitors for gaming, the installation and configuration are similar.
Which Part of Your Body Is Affected by Poor Ergonomics? - Mount-It!
The average person spends over half of the day in a seated position. According to the American Heart Association, sedentary jobs have increased 83 percent since 1950. Combine that with the amount of time people spend in their cars during a commute and at home watching television and trying to relax, it doesn’t add up to much activity for our inactive bodies. Aligning your setup with ergonomic products can largely contribute to your occupational health in the office, as well as help you learn how to successfully work from home when given the opportunity.
How to Make a Home Office in a Small Space - Mount-It!

From freelance work to side hustles, the home office has had some massive growth in recent years. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a living space that includes an extra room for a full home office. The good news is that it doesn’t actually take an entire room to carve out some space for a home office. Read on to learn some tips for making a home office in a small living space.

How To Arrange A Small Office Room - Mount-It!

With the boom of the gig economy and small businesses, more people are migrating to smaller home offices, allowing for comfort and convenience without sacrificing a professional environment that supports efficient business operations. Unfortunately, for the unprepared, a small home office can quickly turn into a disorganized mess that more often becomes a complete distraction rather than an efficient workspace. 

How to Mount a TV On Brick - Mount-It!
Have you recently purchased the MI-361 Pull Down TV Wall Mount for Fireplace? If so, you probably want to know how to mount a tv on brick. Fortunately, it’s fast and easy. You don’t need an expert, just an extra helping hand.
5 Creative Ways to Use Your Articulating TV Wall Mount With A Long Arm - Mount-It!
You’ve finally got your hands on the MI-392 Dual Arm TV Wall Mount with Extra Long Extension! The good news is that you’ve got one of the best and most capable TV mounts on the market and it's easy to install—the bad news is there are so many creative ways to use it that you may have trouble deciding where it should go.
Benefits of An Extra Long Arm TV Wall Mount - Mount-It!
These days, a flat-screen TV can be found in practically every American household. What was once a luxury feature costing thousands of dollars is now an expected staple everyday item that can be purchased for cheap. While prices have gone down, quality has gone up in terms of clarity, color, size, and weight. 
What Is A Portable Ergonomic Laptop Stand? - Mount-It!

Do you spend all day hunched over your laptop? Do you experience neck and shoulder pain once the sun starts to leave us? Maybe you spend most of your days in a coffee shop or shared workspace. Or maybe your laptop is your only home computer, and you usually use it on the couch, in bed, and at the kitchen table, depending on where the day takes you.

What Are Laptop Stands Used For? - Mount-It!
The beauty of laptops is that you can use them in just about any ideal position—right? As opposed to a standard external monitor and external keyboard, you can do so much more than sitting with one at your desk: you can sit cross-legged with your laptop in your lap, prop it on your stomach while you lie in bed, or leave it on the floor as you sit around a game board, all thanks to the flexible viewing angle and lightweight quality.
Why Get An Ergonomic Laptop Stand For Your Desk - Mount-It!
The average american with an office job spends the equivalent of sixty-seven days a year seated at their desk. That’s right—many people spend between four and nine hours a day, or up to 20% of their year, in front of a computer. Can you imagine the impact this has on one's posture considering the angle at which the laptop is positioned?