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How to Incorporate Ergonomic Design Into Your Workspace - Mount-It!
We can all relate to the satisfaction of a pencil grip that you can hold just right, or the comfort of that neck pillow that gets you through a red-eye. Ergonomic design is all around us, working with us to optimize, elevate and enhance our behavior. Ergonomic design is specifically and scientifically tailored to optimize human productivity. From the shape to the size, or even the texture, any product that is ergonomic in function has been sculpted in order to enhance productivity and a person’s well-being. 
The Fundamental Principles of Ergonomics - Mount-It!

What makes a reliable worker? Resilience? Composure? Timeliness? Perhaps “productivity” is arguably the most valuable attribute of an employee. But how do we bolster productivity? More than working hard or remaining dedicated, what if there were key principles of physicality that could enable us to function as our most productive selves?

Enter ergonomics. 

Why Is Ergonomics Important Anyways? - Mount-It!
No matter what sphere of life you move in, ergonomic design will affect you in more ways than you know. The principles of ergonomics are an ever-silent, ever-present facet of the man-made world, hidden in the curve of a mouse key or the structure of an office chair. Ergonomics is the art of creating systems or products that specifically promote both the optimization of human physicality and the efficiency of the product’s use. The design considers how and why we use the objects around us combined with the biological posture of those actions.