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For a more healthy way to work, you can raise or angle your laptop on your desk so that it adapts to your style and comfort. Stands allow for a more ergonomic position and the open designs improve airflow, keeping your laptop running coolly and efficiently. 

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Set of 2 Adjustable Monitor Risers

Laptops Stand and Laptop Risers

In today's modern world with tons of ergonomic advancement, there is no excuse for having an improper work setup. We spend money on accessories like a laptop bag or laptop holder to keep our computers safe, yet we tend to neglect the accessories required for a proper ergonomic work setup (like an adjustable height laptop stand). We spend so much time working or at a desk, that we must ensure our work setups put us in a comfortable position and are not detrimental to our physical health.

A quick and easy way to increase the ergonomics of your workspace is to include an adjustable laptop stand. Whether you opt for a sit stand workstation or sit at a basic laptop desk setup or have a full standing desk, a monitor stand or a laptop riser stand will lift your laptop off the desk’s surface and allow you to place it at a more suitable height, like eye level, to maintain body alignment, better posture, reduce eye strain, and improve overall ergonomic position. Not only do you have more adjustability, having your laptop on a stand will clear up desk space for an external keyboard as well. Some models of stands even include fans to help avoid your device from overheating.


Adjustable Laptop Stands For Improved Ergonomics

Although there are multiple ergonomic solutions to improve your workspace, an adjustable laptop stand is a good starting point. This is automatically an upgrade from common work from home setups (like a lap desk or no laptop stand at all). A height-adjustable laptop stand can help to reduce backaches, eye strain, and minimize neck pain that often results from a poor viewing angle of being hunched over a laptop screen for extended periods of time.

While an adjustable external monitor is an ideal solution for desktop workspaces, incorporating a good laptop stand will provide optimal comfort and make dramatic improvements quickly and effortlessly via the platform's adjustable angle.

Although laptops are great for portability, using a laptop computer for an extended period of time can be physically draining compared to a proper desktop setup. With a laptop stand and an external monitor, you can essentially create a very easy dual monitor display that is more comfortable than solely using your laptop. This setup will give you a stable platform to place your laptop, notebook, iPad, or tablet while allowing you to free desk space up for ergonomic friendly Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.


Portable Laptop Stands

These stands can also be a welcome tool for those who have to move frequently or do not have a stationary laptop desk. For example, if you use a hot desk at a co-working space or are often in meetings throughout your day, a portable laptop stand could help you to make whatever space or surface you are working in or on more suitable for you and your needs. At Mount-It! our team understands the needs of those who are always on the go because we are too! That’s why we have crafted a collection of high-quality laptop stands, including a portable laptop riser, in a variety of designs so you can find the perfect solution for your workspace. Say goodbye to neck strain and hello to an ergonomic workstation designed for your comfort! 

Choose a lightweight aluminum portable stand (with rubber pads for desk stability) like our Ergonomic Tilted Laptop Riser MI-7273 made for the Apple Macbook and similar notebooks if you are always on the move. If you have a problem with your laptop overheating, our Laptop Tray MI-7211 would be a great choice. This laptop tray features a cooling fan to promote airflow and a mouse tray for better accessibility. It also has a height adjustment feature so you can raise or lower the laptop to your desired level. It also leaves space under your laptop for an external keyboard.

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