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Tablets are an amazing business tool being utilized in many different ways, but more and more frequently you see tablet devices used as a functional business tool for informational purposes or as a Point of Sale system. However, it's always awkward to try and use a tablet without the proper display, holder or stand. No more making customers hold or grip the tablet risking breaking the tablet or having it easily stolen.

Our high quality tablet stands and kiosks are built to be displayed, while remaining easy to use and secure to protect your device. For many models, the screen rotates 90 degree to support portrait or landscape mode and screen tilt up to 75 for the perfect viewing angle. The secure tablet enclosures are made of high quality materials and are keyed and locked to prevent theft. Another great feature is the ability to easily bolt down for increased security if locking the enclosure is not sufficient. Alternatively, you may need a floor stand if you are short on table space or need a portable professional setup.

Finding the Right Tablet Stand & Kiosk Solution

Finding the right tablet stand can be overwhelming with so many options available and it can be difficult to determine what design and model you need. At Mount-It!, our team of professionals is well-versed in the tablet display designs and models currently available and can make the decision process easy, helping you make the perfect choice for your work space or business.