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    The expansive collection of Mount-It! full motion, extendable, tilt and fixed TV wall mounts is guaranteed to meet all of your flat panel TV mounting needs. Whether you are looking for a basic fixed tv wall mount or a full motion tv wall mount sturdy enough for the largest TVs on the planet, we’ve got you covered. Our collection also includes mounts for specific locations, such as ceilings, under cabinets, fireplaces and corners. Check out our blog for more resources including tips on How High to Mount Your TV. Or, for more information on how to mount your TV check out our Installation Guides.

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    How To Mount A TV

    Most TV mounts use a VESA plate to mount your TV to the TV Mount. The VESA pattern is determined by 4 holes on the back of your TV and their dimensions. You must make sure that the TV mount and your TV have Vesa size compatibility or you could end up with a TV mount that does not fit your TV. All VESA plates use millimeters for standard sizing. The distance between the vertical holes and the horizontal holes determine your TV’s VESA size. Common sizes are 100 x 100 and 200 x 200. Our Customer Service Team is also available Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm PST at 1 (855)0915-2666 to help you figure out the best mount for your TV.

    How To Install a TV Wall Mount

    Although all mounts are different, installation follows 4 general steps. First, you will need to determine the location for your mount and install the mount or wall plate with TV mounting brackets. Second, you will attach the VESA plate to the back of your TV. Third, you will hang or attach the tv via the VESA plate to the TV mount. Fourth, you will adjust the tilt, swivel and arm extension of the TV on the mount. Most installations will require a drill and you will sometimes need help to lift the TV onto the mount plate. Instructions should be carefully followed with special attention paid to the mount location and what it will be drilled into so it is properly secured. If you are interested in a location without studs, see our resource on How To Mount a TV On The Wall Without Studs.

    How High Should A TV Be Mounted?

    How high a TV should be mounted depends on the location of who is viewing the TV. Head neck alignment should be able to be maintained while watching the TV. For ergonomic best practices, you want to avoid having to hold your head up or down too much, thus causing neck strain. Ideal placement is at eye level of the most commonly viewed from location. A TV with a wall mount, or even better, a full motion mount, is an ideal choice for a family as it can provide ideal viewing for people of different heights with a simple adjustment. Many fixed fireplace TV mounts create neck strain for viewers, so a TV mount with a manual or electric pull down option is ideal - you easily pull it down while watching and move it back above the fireplace when not in use. Additional information is available in our How High Should I Mount My TV?

    Swivel TV Mount or Full Motion Mount

    Swivel TV mounts allow you to swivel the TV from right to left. A full motion or articulating TV mount includes the swivel feature, but also allows you to tilt the TV up and down and extend the TV from the wall. The location and viewing purpose will help you choose the best TV mount configuration for your space.

    Fixed TV Mount

    Fixed TV wall mounts are a perfect solution to home environments or other spaces that do not demand a lot of flexibility. A fixed TV mount is great if you want to have a low profile look. Your set-up will look especially sleek if your LCD, LED, or Plasma TV has a slim profile. Curved TVs are a great way to add that home theater effect as well. However, we recommend having some type of adjustability feature built into your mounted TV to compensate for the glare in rooms at different times of the day or different times of the year. Having adjustability allows you to move the flat screen TV to your ideal viewing angle as well.

    TV Accessories

    TV accessories are a great way to upgrade your current TV entertainment set-up, and even make it safer. Soundbars and speakers provide an enhanced theater-like TV watching experience. Many people who use TV wall mounts also prefer to mount their soundbar to the TV. Sound bars are an easy way to minimize clutter and offer a clean and modern look. Anti-tipping safety straps help keep little ones safe in rooms with TVs that are on traditional TV stands.