Modern Ergonomic Office

Sit-Stand Desks

From complete desks with electronic controls to multiple desk frame options, separate tabletops, and all the desk accessories you need, Mount-It! can help you upgrade any workspace. Pick the desk you want to build around, and easily add a multi-monitor mount, CPU holder, cable management spine, anti-fatigue mat, or even a desk-mounted cable strip.

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Desk Converters

Mount-It! offers a wide range of products to convert a standard desk into an ergonomic workstation. Add a monitor mount with a keyboard tray to small desks, an electronic desk converter with an extra-wide platform, or anything in between. For special use cases, an x-lift desk converter or a triangle-shaped corner sit-stand desk converter can help you maximize space and efficiency. 

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Mobile Carts

If your office requires computer hardware and A/V equipment to move from room to room, Mount-It! has a solution. Rolling carts for projectors, laptops, TVs, CPUs, printers, and even complete workstations can help your team work together better. Our mobile carts and stands are made with high quality steel and aluminum and feature smooth, stable, locking casters so equipment can be moved easily and secured in place when needed.

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Wall Mounted Workstations

Ergonomic computer desks and laptop stands that can be securely mounted to the wall save space and can improve employee productivity. Wall mounted workstations are frequently seen in medical offices, but they support a healthier posture, which makes employees in any workplace feel better and more energized. Workstation ergonomics is key to the design of Mount-It!'s lineup of wall mounted desks.

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The modern ergonomic office collection features products that are designed to help you work healthier and more productively. Find the perfect balance between sitting and standing with one of our sit-stand desks or tabletop converters. Raise your monitor with an adjustable mount for the best screen position, keep your desktop clear with a sliding keyboard tray, and treat your sore feet to a padded anti-fatigue mat. You're sure to find an ergonomic office solution for your workspace at Mount-It!