Classroom & Education


In a classroom environment, it is important for equipment to move quickly and easily as teachers switch from lesson to lesson. Projector, laptop, and computer carts allow students to learn in any part of the room, while mobile TV carts enable presentations and videos for the whole class or just a small group. Common core standards and an emphasis on critical thinking skills demand that students and teachers have the freedom and flexibility to create and work with creative and innovative methods wherever they are. Mount-It! has computer and A/V mobile solutions for any classroom.

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Dry Erase Boards

No classroom is complete without the ability to write, draw, and erase real time lessons on wall mounted, floor standing, or rolling dry erase boards. Mount-It! has three great dry erase boards to choose from at very competitive prices. Add one to your classroom today! 

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Administrative Office

The support from administrative staff can't be overlooked and is key to teachers having the tools they need. Keep the office motivated and productive with ergonomic desk products like keyboard trays, CPU mounts, desk converters, monitor mounts, and a range of accessories. 

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We think education is important, so we've developed a collection of products that help make teaching a little easier. From dry erase boards to portable workstations, we can help improve your classroom. Easily set up presentations with one of our laptop trays or projector carts. Work more efficiently with a mobile standing desk, and quickly switch between mediums with a rolling TV cart. Make sure your students are comfortable with an ergonomic desk and chair, so they can focus on learning. Optimize your classroom with must-haves from Mount-It!