Ergonomic Workstation - This desk allows you to work in a more ergonomic and comfortable position, easing pain that you may experience in your eyes, neck, and shoulders from sitting for extended periods at a time.
Large Working Space €“ This sit-stand desk has plenty of space for you to place your computer, keyboard, mouse, and a few other accessories! Raise your entire workstation to the height you desire.
Easy to Use €“ Moving from a sitting to standing position can be done in a matter of seconds. Simply squeeze the lever on the side of the desk and the spring mechanism will raise and lower the desk.
Versatile €“ Use this desk for a variety of activities including reading, drawing, eating, and even studying! Enjoy the activities you love in a comfortable position without feeling strain on your body.
Quality Materials €“ This unit is made with sturdy materials to make your experience that much more enjoyable. Start increasing your productivity and comfort levels today!


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