Secure iPad Enclosure Adjustable Height Floor Stand, Fits iPad 9.7 | MI-3783

  • $97.99

The MI-3783 iPad floor stand is professional, slim, and easy to use. Ideal for use as an iPad POS or check-in kiosk at trade shows, churches, clinics, lobbies, and more. With its large, wide base you can use it freestanding or bolted down for added security. The full-tilt mount allows you to reverse the screen between users for completing transactions, signing documents, and verifying information. Height-adjustable arm helps engage with customers, patients or guests of any age and size. The keyed lock enclosure helps ensure your tablet is safe when on display, protecting it from tampering or theft. Cable management system keeps your display clean and organized by feeding the wires through the access port to hide them from view.

  • Compatibility: Fits Select iPads - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Air, Air 2
  • Dimensions: Tablet Holder: 8.66" x 11.91" x 0.7"
  • Dimensions: Base: 11.75" x 17.25"
  • Height Adjustability: From 25" - 43"

MI-3783 Product Data Sheet

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