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Keyboard Trays Keyboard Trays

Discover the cornerstone of ergonomic workstations: keyboard trays. Crafted to perfection, these trays redefine comfort in your workspace. Seamlessly mounted beneath your desk, they offer customizable adjustments, ensuring your typing experience is as ergonomic as it is comfortable. Elevate your productivity and well-being with our premium keyboard trays today.

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Keyboard Trays Keyboard Trays
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    10 products
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    Under Desk Keyboard Tray

    There are several types of keyboard trays available on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits. One popular option is the "under-desk mount" keyboard tray, which attaches directly to the underside of a desk or workstation. This type of tray is often adjustable, allowing the user to change the height and angle of the tray for optimal typing posture.

    Clamp On Keyboard Tray

    Another popular option is the "clamp-on" keyboard tray, which attaches to the edge of a desk or workstation using a clamp. This type of tray is often more versatile, as it can be used with a variety of different desks and workstations.

    Desk Keyboard Trays For Standing

    There are also "standing" keyboard trays that can be adjusted to the standing height, and this type of tray is becoming more popular for people who are using standing desks to improve their posture and overall health.

    How To Choose A Keyboard Tray

    In addition to the different types of keyboard trays, such as pull out keyboard trays and clamp on keyboard trays, there are also different features to consider when choosing a keyboard tray. Some trays have a built-in mouse pad, which can be useful for keeping the mouse within easy reach while typing. Other trays have a built-in wrist rest, which can help to reduce strain on the wrists while typing.

    When choosing a keyboard tray, it's important to consider the size of your keyboard and mouse, as well as the type of desk or workstation you have. Some trays may not be compatible with certain types of desks or workstations, so it's important to check the manufacturer's specifications before making a purchase.

    Are Keyboard Trays Good

    Overall, keyboard trays can be an important component of ergonomic office setups. They can help to reduce strain on the wrists, shoulders, and neck while typing, and can help to improve posture and overall comfort. With a variety of types and features to choose from, there is a keyboard tray that can meet the needs of any user.