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From corporate offices and hotel lobbies to home offices, Mount-It! computer monitor stands are a great fit for all types of work environments. Create a healthier, more organized, and more productive workspace with a height adjustable desk monitor stand. Whether you work with one screen, a dual monitor set-up or even four displays, we have the right solution for your workplace.

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    12 products
    Dual Monitor Desk Stand - Mount-It!
    SKU: MI-2781
    Dual Monitor Desk Stand
    Product level: Standard
    SKU: MI-1758
    Vertical Dual Monitor Stand
    Product level: Standard
    Freestanding Single Monitor Desk Stand - Mount-It!
    SKU: MI-1757
    Full Motion Monitor Stand
    Product level: Standard
    Freestanding Dual Monitor Desk Stand - Mount-It!
    SKU: MI-1781
    Freestanding Dual Monitor Desk Stand
    Product level: Standard
    Full Motion Triple Monitor Desk Stand - Mount-It!
    SKU: MI-789
    Full Motion Triple Monitor Desk Stand
    Product level: Premium

    Monitor Stand For Desk

    Whether your desk does not allow for a clamp or grommet mounted monitor arm, or you just prefer the flexibility of being able to move your monitor around as needed, this should not prevent you from investing into a height adjustable monitor mount solution to improve ergonomics and productivity of your workspace. A freestanding desk monitor stand with a solid weighted base helps you raise your screen to eye level anywhere you work.

    Dual Monitor Desk Stand

    Dual monitor set-ups have become more popular because of their proven productivity benefits. With a freestanding dual monitor stand you can create your perfect multi-screen workspace in no time. The solid and sturdy, yet low profile base fits on any desk or table whether it is in a corporate office or your home. With our dual computer monitor stands you can raise your screens to a comfortable viewing height and align them seamlessly.

    Full Motion Monitor Stand

    A full motion monitor stand offers the versatility and adjustability of a clamp mounted monitor arm with the flexibility to be placed anywhere on the desk. Our full motion stands for two or three screens allow you to not only adjust the monitor height, but also to rotate, swivel and tilt them as needed for you to create your ideal ergonomic computer workstation. Whether it is to share your screen with a coworker, or you need to view data in portrait rather than landscape format, a Mount-It! full motion monitor mount will help you achieve your goals.

    Monitor Stand For Workstation

    When setting up your computer workstation at home or in the office make sure to include a monitor desk mount or a monitor stand to be able to adjust the monitor height to match your personal requirements. Ergonomic experts recommend the top of the monitor to be at eye level, which can be easily achieved with a height adjustable monitor mount. So, whether you have a single monitor or a multiple monitor setup, we are guaranteed to have a monitor mount that is ideal for your desk space. Our sturdy monitor stands are easy to assemble and can be positioned anywhere on your desk, making them the perfect addition to your ergonomic workstation.

    Vertical Monitor Stand

    For everyone who does not have a lot of desk space available but wants to work with a dual monitor set-up nevertheless, a vertical monitor stand can be the perfect solution. Instead of positioning two monitors next to each other they are placed on top of each other. The lower monitor would be your primary screen that you work on, and the upper monitor is used, for example, to keep an eye on incoming emails or chat messages. The sturdy base of the vertical monitor stand ensures your dual screen set-up is stable and secure while offering you the flexibility to place your monitors anywhere you like on your table or desk without worrying about compatibility with desk clamps.

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