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Adjustable Height Laptop Riser | MI-7271
  • $26.99

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Height Adjustable Laptop & Monitor Stand | MI-7272
  • $26.99
Ergonomic Tilted Laptop Riser | MI-7273
  • $24.99
Height Adjustable Laptop Tray | MI-7210
  • $34.99
Vertical Laptop Stand and Holder – MI-7276
  • $22.99


Laptop Tray Bed Stand | MI-7212
  • $49.99
  • $35.99

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Laptop Tray w/ Cooling Fan & Mouse Pad | MI-7211
  • $37.99
Mesh Riser & Stand – MI-7270
  • $15.99
Slim Aluminum Riser & Stand – MI-7275
  • $39.99

Adjustable Laptop Stands For Improved Ergonomics

A quick and easy way to increase the ergonomics of your workspace is to include an adjustable laptop stand. By design, a laptop riser stand will lift your laptop off the desk’s surface and allow you to place it at a more suitable height, like eye level, to maintain body alignment and better posture. In doing so, a height-adjustable laptop stand can help to reduce backaches and minimize neck pain that often results from a poor viewing angle of being hunched over a laptop screen for extended periods of time. While an adjustable monitor is an ideal solution for desktop workspaces, incorporating a laptop stand will provide optimal comfort and make dramatic improvements quickly and effortlessly.

Portable Laptop Stands

These stands can also be a welcome tool for those who have to move frequently or do not have a stationary desk. For example, if you use a hot desk at a co-working space or are often in meetings throughout your day, a portable laptop stand could help you to make whatever space or surface you are working in or on more suitable for you and your needs. At Mount-It! our team understands the needs of those who are always on the go because we are too! That’s why we have crafted a collection of high-quality laptop stands in a variety of designs so you can find the perfect solution for your workspace. Say goodbye to neck strain and hello to an ergonomic workstation designed for your comfort!