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Monitor Desk Mounts & Monitor Arms - Mount-It! Monitor Desk Mounts & Monitor Arms - Mount-It!

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    Mount-It! Monitor Mounts and Arms are the perfect addition to your workspace. Tired of straining your neck and posture due to the set up of your monitor and desk space? With the properly positioned monitor mount your body can finally get the relief you’ve been itching for. All of our mounting products are VESA compliant and come pre-assembled for easy installation and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Instead of having to drill holes in order to install a wall mount or a ceiling mount, or having to purchase a new desk with a hole for a grommet mount, our monitor mounting arm can be easily set up by simply securing it to the edge of your desk using the sturdy adjustable screws. No additional equipment like a desk clamp required. It is our goal to help create more ergonomic work environments in the world, which is why we offer all our products at affordable prices. Check out our collection of monitor mounts and get rid of neck and back strain today!
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    Things to Consider For Your Monitor Mount

    Multiple Monitor Mounts (Dual Monitor, Triple Monitor, Quad Monitor, and More)

    How many monitors are you going to display at one time? Do you need a full blown quad monitor setup to hold heavy monitors or a simple dual monitor setup? There is a significant difference between monitor mounts and monitor stands that can make a big impact depending on your work setup. The advantage of a computer monitor mount is the ability to securely clamp it on to different parts of the desk itself, even on to a standing desk, whereas if you were to use a ceiling mount or wall mount, you'd be stuck to one area. This allows flexibility if you have a dynamic or smaller workstation, freeing up valuable desk space, and everyone loves having a clutter-free worksurface. Some people prefer the ability to move the monitor's location or have a more secure monitor in hectic work environments.

    For multiple monitors, both monitor stands and monitor mounts are great solutions. For example, we recommend a dual monitor mount vs a dual monitor stand for those who have limited desk space. The dual monitor mount will free up valuable desk space and create a cleaner and less cramped workspace. A dual monitor stand can take up more space than you realize if you have a smaller desk at work. If you only have one monitor and want to save space on your desk, we recommend a single monitor mount to have all the space you need to work. We carry a wide variety of easy-to-install single and multiple-monitor mounts and multiple monitor stands to ensure you find the perfect computer monitor mounting solution for your screen size and number of monitors. All monitor mounts feature a heavy-duty desk clamp and the VESA mount pattern, allowing you to easily detach and attach monitors to your setup. Our monitor mounts include integrated cable management with cable clips making for easier cable management, so you can easily recognize which cables belong to which monitors.

    Swivel and Articulating Features

    Will you need to adjust the position or height of your monitor constantly or would like the freedom to adjust your monitor beyond a simple tilt?  A single monitor articulating arm with simple height adjustment can be an easy and efficient mounting solution for temporary workspaces or a desk monitor taking up too much space.  For television viewing, there's the TV mount with a swivel bracket to avoid neck strains and turn your monitor for 360 degree viewability. However, monitor mounts with a larger heavy duty weight capacity will be needed for heavier monitors or multiple monitors, depending on monitor size.

    Monitor Arms vs. Monitor Mounts

    So you may be doing research online for an ideal mounting option and the difference between a single monitor arm or monitor mount can be confusing. In the old days, mount types weren’t a major concern because an old-school computer monitor mount generally lacked adjustability, making it hard for people with varying heights or raised desktops to get the perfect viewing angle at eye level. Then came monitor desk arms, a semi-permanent desk mount that allows for more articulation for better viewing angles or rotates to different screen orientations (landscape orientation). They both serve as a monitor holder; thus, In reality, they are now more or less the same as they deliver almost identical feel free to choose either option.

    Things To Consider For Your Monitor Arm

    An arm mount is a great solution for many workspaces; however you should consider a few things before immediately purchasing the first one you see. 

    Multiple Monitor Arms (Dual arm, Triple, Quad, and More)

    First anticipate how many computer monitors you will be using or if you will be expanding the number of monitors you display. Do you have ultrawide monitors that require more space? Most of our mounts and stands can easily hold any monitor screen up to 32" inches comfortably, but always keep your screen size in mind to ensure it will fit properly. You could always get a quad monitor arm if you currently use a dual monitor arm but are unsure if you need more screen space. Lastly, how heavy are your monitors? Ensure that any monitor mount you get will hold each monitor's weight.

    Monitor Arm Articulation

    An articulating arm gives you the flexibility of being able to adjust the tilt and viewing angle of your screen vs non-articulating which has limited adjustability.

    We also offer polished aluminum universal mounts, specialty mounts for large monitors, tv wall mounts, desk mounts, modular mounts and many more. Check out what we have in store today!