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    The Mount-It! collection of fixed and adjustable TV wall mounts is guaranteed to meet all of your flat panel TV mounting needs. Whether you are looking for a fixed tv wall mount or an articulating tv wall mount we’ve got you covered. Check out our blog for more resources including tips on how high to mount your TV. Or, for more information on how to mount your TV check out our installation guide.

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    Types of TV Mounting Solutions

    You finally got that new TV you’ve been wanting for your home or office! Congratulations! However, a TV is only as good as its location and positioning in a room. Whether you’re creating your very own home theater or mounting larger monitors on an office wall, having a wall mounted TV is far more versatile and eye catching than using a TV stand...while also saving you valuable space. That’s where we can help with our wide range of TV mounting solutions for all customers and price ranges. Let’s review the different types of TV mounts, brackets, and other TV accessories so you can make the right purchase for YOU and your TV’s specifications.

    The Right TV Wall Mount Depends on the Room

    When first evaluating a TV mount, it's important to identify exactly which room this TV will be placed in as well as the optimal angle or side of the room you plan on mounting. Be sure to account for windows and the glare from sunlight when positioning your TV. For an optimal viewing experience, the TV height should be roughly eye level. Extra care should be taken for mounting TVs on walls, as the weight requires drilling into the studs of a wall to ensure proper durability and safety (this is the standard method required to properly secure your TV). Although installation is easy, proper TV mount planning will ensure the TV stays ON THE WALL via wooden wall studs rather than ON THE FLOOR.

    TV Mounts vs TV Brackets?

    There may be some confusion on whether you need a TV wall mount or TV wall bracket when, in fact, the two terms overlap. Brackets are a common type of TV mount where the actual TV bracket is attached to the wall. A TV mount can be any type of mount (such as a vesa plate type vs bracketed attachment) that attaches it to a wall, for example a TV arm wall mount. Having split TV wall brackets built-in can make it easier to mount a TV in a corner of a room or try a low profile flat screen TV mount for a more modern look.

    Fixed Wall Mount

    Fixed TV wall mounts are a perfect solution to home environments or other spaces that do not demand a lot of flexibility. A fixed TV mount is great if you want to have a low profile look. Your set-up will look especially sleek if your LCD, LED, or Plasma TV has a slim profile. Curved TVs are a great way to add that home theater effect as well. However, we recommend having some type of adjustability feature built into your mounted TV to compensate for the glare in rooms at different times of the day or different times of the year. Having adjustability allows you to move the flat screen TV to your ideal viewing angle as well.

    Tilting Wall Mounts

    A tilting wall mount gives you the ability to have a limited tilt angle to help with viewing angle and reduce glare; however, this is a far more limited range of motion than an articulating mount, swivel mount, and full motion TV wall mount. Regardless, a tilting mount still gives you an ideal viewing angle whenever you watch TV.

    Full Motion TV Wall Mount / Articulating Wall Mount

    For the maximum flexibility in viewing angles and dynamic presentation, we recommend a full motion wall mount with an articulating arm over a fixed mount, such as a swivel wall mount, articulating wall mount, or a full-motion mount. These options will give your screen the freedom to tilt or swivel the viewing angle of the flat screen display as needed, making them the perfect option for offices or other conditions requiring adaptability (i.e. reduce glare). We even have height-adjustable TV mounts to ensure you can easily find the perfect solution to make your mounting dream come true in even the most unique spaces, such as spaces on the ceiling with our full motion ceiling mount.

    Universal Mounts

    The TV mounts for sale from Mount-It! all have universal mounting brackets specifically designed to fit most types of televisions currently available in the marketplace. This helps eliminate some of the guesswork involved when choosing a TV mounting bracket regardless of the make, model, TV size or type of television including LCD TV, Plasma TV, or even LED displays.

    Installing a TV Mount

    Please be sure to consult the product’s instruction manual and to look over the necessary mounting hardware before attempting to install your TV mount. Specific detailed instructions are provided for wood stud wall mounting & solid brick and concrete wall mounting. It is necessary to closely follow these directions when mounting a TV to avoid personal injury and/or improper installation (which can jeopardize your TV or injure someone). Be sure to check if your TV size and wall mount are compatible with the corresponding VESA mounting pattern. Installation may require the use of drill bits and power drill to attach TV mounting brackets.

    Need Help with Mounting Solutions?

    Trying to mount a TV but not sure where to start? No problem! Our team of mounting experts can help guide you to the right TV mounting application for your display screen size and space. We will help you evaluate your TV mounting needs and make recommendations for the specific type of mount that we think would work best for you and your specifications! Soon, you'll be on your way to mounting your television and transforming your space.