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Complete Electric Sit-Stand Desk, Brown Tabletop | MI-7974
  • $599.99
  • $499.99


Triple Monitor Desk Mount w/ USB & Audio Ports | MI-2753
  • $184.99
  • $139.99

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Cable Managment Spine | MI-7280
  • $34.99
Wide Standing Desk Converter w/ Gas Spring | MI-7926
  • $179.99

More Than just a TV Mount Company. Create your space with Mount-It!

With more than 500 different mounts, stands, desks, and other products we will meet your needs to upgrade your workspace and/or home so you can create the space you have been dreaming about.

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Sit Stand Desks

Research shows that extensive hours spent sitting as opposed to standing can negatively impact your overall health. Not even all the hours you spend in the gym can adequately outweigh these effects. Take control of your health and upgrade your office space with an adjustable sit-stand desk that will get you on your feet while maintaining productivity.

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Home Entertainment

Enjoying the big game from the comfort of your home means getting the best view. A TV wall mount lets you adjust the viewing angle for friends, reduce sun spots and glare, and create a modern look in any room.

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For the Kids

Our kids desk set is ergonomically designed for comfortable sitting and proper body positioning. The height of the table and chair can be adjusted as your child grows. Plus, it's loaded with convenient features like a tilting desktop and storage drawer for supplies.

Available in gray, blue, and pink.

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What Does Ergonomic Design Mean?

Ergonomics is all about designing spaces and equipment with specific people in mind who will use it day after day. By outfitting an environment to fit the user’s needs, ergonomics aims to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing discomfort. This could include making any adjustment to the viewing angle of your computer monitor and the height of your desk or chair. Simply put, ergonomics is about the customization of a workplace to fit the needs of an individual rather than using one-size-fits-all equipment.

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