Sit-Stand Desks: The Ultimate Workspace Upgrade

Sit-Stand Desks: The Ultimate Workspace Upgrade Sit-Stand Desks: The Ultimate Workspace Upgrade
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Match your style with the perfect manual or motorized sit-stand desk and choose from our different bases and tabletops to complete your look.

You may have seen one of your fellow office workers change their desk out for a standing desk and asked yourself, "Do I need to get one, too?" Well, did you know that a sit stand workstation has many proven health benefits? This is not a gimmick like a treadmill desk! In fact, standing desks are arguably the best piece of office furniture to improve office ergonomics. At Mount-It! we offer a variety of height adjustable desk additions to ensure you are able to carry out your workday in the most comfortable and convenient way. Create the ultimate workspace at your workplace with a sit stand desk!

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    29 products
    Electric Sit-Stand Desk - Mount-It!
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    Electric Standing Desk with 48" Tabletop
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    Electric Sit-Stand Black Desk Frame with White Tabletop - Mount-It!
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    Electric Standing Desk with 48" Tabletop
    Product level: Standard
    Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame - Mount-It!
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    Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame
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    55" Tabletop for Sit-Stand Desk
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    48" Tabletop for Sit-Stand Desk

    Experience the Ergonomic Benefits of Standing Desks

    In a perfect world, we wouldn't spend so many hours at our desks staring at monitors...however, that's quickly becoming the opposite and more needs to be done to improve your quality of life at the workplace. However, the old conventional desk frame just isn't dynamic enough for the demands of the modern workplace. The solution to this sedentary lifestyle, an ergonomic workstation complete with an adjustable standing desk. On demand height adjustment allows you to switch from sitting to standing seamlessly throughout your work day and increase productivity! Let's explore why this ergonomic standing desk is the perfect desk solution for your workspace.

    Are Standing Desks Good For You?

    Ergonomic studies have shown that using a standing workstation desk for at least part of your workday can provide energy and chiropractic benefits and possibly relieve some body pain or discomfort. Moreover, a sit stand workstation gives you the flexibility to set the exact correct desk height and avoid poor body & wrist positioning which can impact your health.

    When sitting for prolonged periods of time, many people begin to feel joint pain or hold tension in their legs, shoulders, and neck. An easy way to fix this is by switching over to an ergonomic workstation that includes a height adjustable desk and a proper adjustable office chair.

    The Different Types of Standing Desks

    The ultimate ergonomic desk solution is an electric standing desk with no crank or lifting mechanism. An electric height-adjustable desk is the ultimate solution for you to improve your ergonomics. Many come with a digital control panel that even allows you to save the exact measurement for your desired height adjustment in inches.

    This design also makes it easy to change positions from sitting position to standing position on a regular basis and can help with good posture. However, we also offer stand up desks with manual hand crank height adjustment. 

    In addition to the above mentioned sit stand desk models, there are also standing desk converters, that can simply be placed on top of a traditional desk to create a more dynamic workstation. They come with convenient electric height adjustment as well as easy gas-spring manual height adjustment. Another alternative are wall mounted standing desk workstations. Especially in environments with little space for a desk, such as in a warehouse, on a production floor or in a workshop, wall mount desks are a great option to work comfortably at an ergonomic height.

    Adjustable Height Desks Provide Customizable Comfort

    Did you ever start a new job and were assigned a desk that was either too low or too high for you? You are not alone! Not everyone is average height or has the same body, why would we provide all employees with the same desk? A height adjustable chair and desk are key for an ergonomic workspace that adapts to the user - not vice versa. To ensure you minimize the health risks that come with many hours sitting at your desk, it is important to pay attention to your posture. Sit up straight with your back against the chair and your legs in a 90° angle. Your elbows should also be at a 90°-100° angle when typing on your keyboard, or using your computer mouse. With an adjustable standing desk, you can be sure to achieve that perfect height that suits your personal needs. Plus, you can switch from sitting to standing regularly throughout the day.

    Transform Your Health and Productivity with Sit-Stand Desks

    Ready to see how our ergonomic desk options can help improve your comfort throughout the workday and find the best standing desk for your needs? Excited to finally get rid of that sedentary lifestyle? Ditch the old office desk and stop sitting down for prolonged periods and improve your physical activity with a stand-up desk from Mount-It. We also offer desk & TV wall mounts, adjustable keyboard tray & mount, kids desk, tablet mounts, laptop stands and many more. Check out what we have in store today including our full selection of desks for every environment!