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Laptop Mounts Laptop Mounts

Laptops are a modern-day workplace essential. Their convenience and portability benefits are just some of the many reasons for their growing popularity in businesses. But be aware of potential neck and back problems when sitting hunched over your laptop all day. The good news is, there is a simple solution for a more ergonomic way of working on your laptop! With a laptop mount, you can raise your laptop screen to eye level while using a separate keyboard and mouse to maintain proper posture and work ergonomically.

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Laptop Mounts Laptop Mounts
19 products
    19 products
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    VESA Laptop Mount Tray
    Product level: Premium
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    Under Desk Laptop Holder
    Product level: Great Value
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    Vehicle Laptop Mount
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    Pole Mount Laptop Holder
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    Car Laptop Mount - Mount-It!
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    Car Laptop Mount
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    Laptop Desk Mount

    An ergonomic workspace set-up is important for your health and wellbeing, especially if you spend half the day sitting at a desk in the office or at home. Our laptop desk mounts ensure you can raise your laptop screen to a healthy viewing height while you use a separate keyboard and mouse. Mount-it! laptop arm mounts are available with a variety of features such as USB powered cooling fans, and height adjustability, so you can find your perfect position. They are easy to install and fit laptops of all brands. Before you buy, make sure to check the size of your laptop and choose a compatible laptop mount.

    Laptop Desk Mount With Cooling Tray

    Have you ever noticed how warm your laptop gets when you use it on your lap? If so, you know that simply placing it on a stack of books or a solid surface isn't necessarily a good idea when you want to raise the height of your laptop screen. One of our Mount-It! laptop desk mounts with a vented cooling tray can help you create an ergonomic laptop workstation while keeping your notebook cool by preventing overheating.

    Car Laptop Mount

    When your job requires you to be on the road a lot and you want to use your laptop while your vehicle is parked, a car laptop mount might be your next must-have item! Instead of working with your notebook on your lap, opt for a more ergonomic solution. Car laptop mounts are typically attached to the passenger seat. Thanks to their swivel, tilt and height adjustability, you can bring the laptop closer to you when needed. Vented trays or USB powered fans ensure your laptop does not overheat. When not in use, the laptop mount can be safely stowed away.