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Explore solutions for improving the position of your monitor for a healthier and more comfortable way to get your work done. Improve posture and reduce neck, back and shoulder pain with these must-haves for your workspace.

Desk Mounts

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Mount up to 6 monitors on your desk with the available c-clamp and grommet mounting base styles. Easily position your monitors in any angle or orientation you need to with articulating arms, gas springs, and even brackets that rotate 360°.

Triple Monitor Desk Mount w/ USB & Audio Ports | MI-2753
  • $129.99
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Mount-It! Triple Monitor Desk Mount - MI-2753 - Mount-It!


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Freestanding monitor stands save desk space by elevating up to 4 monitors on one stand.

Dual Monitor Desk Stand | MI-2781
  • $59.99
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Mount-It! Adjustable Dual Monitor Desk Stand - MI-2781 - Mount-It!

Wall Mounts

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Mount your monitors to the wall as a space-friendly way to set up your workstation for maximum efficiency and workflow, in addition to creating an aesthetically pleasing, tidy space.

Mount-It! Dual Arm Wall Monitor Mount - MI-766 - Mount-It!
Dual Arm Monitor Wall Mount | MI-766
  • $49.99
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Use a monitor riser to lift your monitor off of your desktop to eye-level for a healthier way to work. Choose from a simple shelf-style monitor riser to one that includes USB ports for convenient connectivity.

Glass Riser Display & Laptop Stand | MI-7261
  • $42.99
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Mount-It! Glass Riser Display & Laptop Stand - MI-7261 - Mount-It!