The Monitor Mount You Need For Your UltraWide Screen ft. CamXPetra

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Written by: Cam McGee

Hi all! It's Cam and Petra from CamXPetra. If you don't know much about us, here's a quick summary, we love creating content centered around designing and upgrading our home work and gaming setups. We've been active on social media for a few years now and always enjoy seeing what the community is working on and enjoying. Recently, we've been diving into the world of ultrawide screens and exploring various monitor mounts to enhance our setup. Keep on reading for some exciting updates and reviews on these awesome additions to our gaming and tech haven!

Take Your Gaming Experience To The Next Level

I want to start this blog out by asking you a question, have you ever longed to expand the viewing area of your PC monitor and take your gaming experience to the next level? If you have never tried gaming or even working on an Ultrawide Screen then you are missing out on this seamless and immersive experience. 

One of the reasons I moved to an UltraWide monitor was because I was tired of dealing with the bezels found in between multiple traditional monitors. With the UltraWide screen I am able to experience a seamless and distraction-free gaming environment. Why settle for the inconveniences of two or three smaller monitors when a single, seamless alternative beckons? An ultra-wide monitor not only enhances your day-to-day productivity, particularly when working from home, but also elevates the immersive quality of your gaming experience.

If you've not yet ventured into the realm of gaming or work on an ultrawide screen, I truly recommend exploring the possibilities. If you’re wondering where to start your journey towards total bliss, I suggest you consider the Samsung 49” Odyssey G9. Although there are different alternatives, the Samsung Odyssey ranks among the finest monitors currently available and it is worth the investment!

Monitor Arms - Mount-it!

Now that you have chosen your monitor, the next question is, how will you present it? I beg you not to place this beautiful screen directly on your desk in an unadorned fashion, instead present your new monitor with an aesthetic mount. Mount-it! has recently introduced their Heavy-Duty Single Monitor Arm tailored to accommodate UltraWide screens up to 49 inches. It pairs seamlessly with the futuristic aesthetic that I cherish! This mount was meticulously designed with the expansive Samsung Monitors in mind. So, if you are contemplating buying one, I strongly recommend you consider this option. It bestows not only a clutter-free workspace but also creates the illusion of increased desk space, thanks to the sleek elimination of the black bars, complemented by the monitor mount elevating it from the desk.

As for those who don’t mind the black bezels and don’t mind screen splitting, I wanted to offer an alternative for mounting your dual monitors. Mount-it! Has created the same high quality - elevated product for those who multi-task and need dual screens. The Heavy Duty Monitor Arm For Screens Up To 35” allows you to create a perfect immersive gaming station or a professional multi-screen desk set-up with. 

The monitor mount doesn't merely offer robust support for your screen; it also features integrated RGB effects and built-in cable management, both of which contribute to a clean and futuristic visual ambiance. Additionally, adjusting the monitor and achieving a comfortable viewing angle is an effortless endeavor, thanks to its heavy-duty tilting and gas spring mechanism, a feature deserving of praise. The ease of tightening or loosening bolts further enhances the mount's adaptability to your specific needs.

So, is the investment in an ultrawide monitor truly worth it? Without a doubt! The benefit of working on an ultrawide screen is that it allows me to multitask, which relieves me of the burden of constantly switching between tabs and the feeling of being confined. Furthermore, it's a gaming enthusiast's dream, given the substantial increase in Field-Of-View (FOV) that the expanded screen width affords, making it easier to see everything all at once. 


Moreover, It's not only the monitor itself but also the manner in which you present it that matters. The Heavy-Duty Single Monitor Arm by Mount-it! offers a sleek and clutter-free solution, amplifying your desk space, and creating a futuristic aesthetic. With its robust support, integrated RGB effects, and built-in cable management, it's a versatile addition that elevates both form and function. In conclusion, I strongly advise you to upgrade your desk configuration by adding an ultra wide monitor and a Mount-it! Monitor Arm.

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