Specialty Mounts: Ceiling, FIreplace & Corner Mounts

24 found in Specialty Mounts: Ceiling, FIreplace & Corner Mounts

Articulating TV Wall Mount with Extra Long Extension | MI-372
  • $179.99
Full Motion RV and Trailer TV Mount | MI-429
  • $39.99
Dual Arm TV Wall Mount with Extra Long Extension | MI-392
  • $169.99
Pull Down TV Mount for Fireplace Mantel Installation, Fits 43-70 Inch TVs | MI-364
  • $149.99
Swivel RV TV Wall Mount With Detachable Bracket – MI-430
  • $49.99
Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Long Extension | MI-319L
  • $76.99
Full Motion Motorized TV Wall Mount | MI-443
  • $189.99
Tailgate TV Hitch Mount | MI-380
  • $129.99
Full Motion Corner TV Wall Mount | MI-4481
  • $45.99
Full Motion Heavy Duty TV Wall Mount for 24" Wall Stud Distance | MI-310B24
  • $59.99
Recessed, Long Extension Articulating TV Wall Mount | MI-381
  • $159.99
No-Gap Tilting TV Wall Mount | MI-366
  • $49.99
TV Truss Mount with Quick Release | MI-374
  • $69.99
Menu Board & Pop Out Video Wall Mount | MI-367
  • $149.99

Sold out

Fireplace TV Mount, Fits 50-100" TVs | MI-373
  • $189.99
No Stud TV Wall Mount | MI-376
  • $34.99
Pop-Out Video Wall Mount for Commercial Installations | MI-363
  • $179.99

Sold out

Motorized TV Cabinet Lift | MI-453
  • $199.99


Motorized Ceiling TV Wall Mount | MI-4223
  • $179.99
  • $159.99
Full Motion Corner TV Wall Mount | MI-484C
  • $64.99
Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount | MI-382
  • $79.99
Vertical Tilting TV Wall Mount | MI-377
  • $54.99
Fireplace TV Mount, Fits 42-80" TVs | MI-384
  • $163.99
Dual Front & Back TV Ceiling Mount | MI-502
  • $96.99

Mount-It Specialty Stands

Need to put a display in a hard to reach place? Don’t have studs in the wall to properly secure your mount? No problem! Mount-It! has an extensive selection of specialty mounts designed to fit in even the most unique of spaces so you can easily hang your TV in almost any environment. Our removable TV mount design is one of our most popular as the mounting hardware allows you to quickly detach the display from the bracket without fully uninstalling the mount from the wall giving you maximum flexibility. Alternatively, the locking TV mount models keep your display in place and prevent theft in high traffic areas such as conferences and trade shows.

One of a Kind Functions

One of our goals at Mount-It! is to ensure that our products function the way our customers need them to and improve their quality of life. That’s why our collection of specialty mounts is one that we are extremely proud of, as they can help our customers mount displays wherever they desire while still offering an ergonomic design with adjustment capabilities to eliminate aches and pains. Our fireplace TV mount collection, for instance, will safely secure your television above the mantle but allow you to lower the viewing angle of the display while in use to reduce the time spent craning your neck to look up at it. While products like our ceiling tv mount, corner mount TV bracket, and under-cabinet TV mount are designed to give you the flexibility to create unique and interesting displays in your home, office, or any other space. Whatever your mounting needs are, we are sure to have the perfect choice fit for your space.