Outdoor TV Mounts, Stands & TV Covers

Outdoor TV Brackets and Mounts

Our most popular outdoor TV bracket and mount is the Dual Arm Wall Mount with Extra Long Extension MI-392. This sturdy dual arm support can be affixed to TVs up to 90 inches and can support up to 176 pounds of weight. The long extension features allow the TV to be protracted as far as 36 inches. In addition, this mount is full motion, meaning it can also tilt and swivel, ensuring that no matter where you are outside, you’ll be able to position the TV so you can see it perfectly! Now you’ll be able to have the ultimate viewing experience wherever you are in your outdoor space.

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Outside TV Covers

Keeping electronics in an outdoor space may seem like a tricky affair, but with our outside TV covers, such as MI-150, you can protect your device from the elements. This outdoor tv protector is made of waterproof PVC coating and high-quality Oxford polyester material. The covers come in a variety of different TV sizes including small, medium, large, and extra-large. They provide protection for screens ranging from 40 inches to 58 inches. If you have a TV entertainment system for your outdoor patio area, it is vital that you have a TV enclosure to protect it.

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Do you have a TV you want to install by the grill, the jacuzzi, or your patio area so that you can watch the game while you’re enjoying being outside? If so, you should consider adding a specialized outdoor tv mount or outdoor tv stand to your inventory. These state-of-the-art pieces of equipment are designed to weather the elements and are an essential part of protecting your outdoor TV setup. With our outdoor TV covers and stands, watching TV in your outdoor space has never been so easy.

Thanks to Mount-It, hanging your TV outside is practically no different from setting it up indoors. Our waterproof accessories ensure that you can mount your device outside without fear of the elements. We happily offer fast and free shipping as well as 10% off all purchases for first-time customers. Protect your screen and appliances from the outside world with a durable TV enclosure from Mount-it! To learn more about our weatherproof outdoor TV covers and stands, come and browse our selection or contact one of our helpful representatives today.