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The MI-TVHWKIT is a universal TV mounting hardware kit that works with any TV and TV wall mount on the market. The set includes 92 pieces of M4, M5, M6, M8 TV Screws, Washers & Spacers. Each package is labeled for convenience and sorted for easy hardware selection. The included screws, washers, and spacers are made from top-quality steel. The spacers can be combined to find the perfect fit for your TV. Fits a majority of screens on the market from 19" - 85" screens.



M4 x 12mm Screw - 4pcs

M4 x 35mm Screw - 4pcs

M5 x 12mm Screw - 4pcs

M5 x 35mm Screw - 4pcs

M6 x 12mm Screw - 4pcs

M6 x 20mm Screw - 4pcs

M6 x 35mm Screw - 4pcs

M8 x 16mm Screw - 4pcs

M8 x 20mm Screw - 4pcs

M8 x 25mm Screw - 4pcs

M8 x 30mm Screw - 4pcs

M8 x 35mm Screw - 4pcs

M8 x 40mm Screw - 4pcs

M8 x 45mm Screw - 4pcs

M8 x 50mm Screw - 4pcs


M4/M5 Washer - 8pcs

M6/M8 Washer - 8pcs


2.5mm M6/M8 Spacer - 8pcs

20mm M6/M8 Spacer - 4pcs

12mm M4/M5 Spacer - 4pcs

  • Compatibility: Screens 19" - 85"
  • Materials: Steel

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