Heavy-Duty Cup Holder Tablet ELD Mount | MI-7320

  • $79.99

The MI-7320 is the ideal ELD table mount solution for any commercial truck or fleet. This universal tablet car mount allows you to easily access your tablet in your vehicle. The double-jointed extension arm can be adjusted and fixed at any angle for ease of use. The easy locking knobs ensure your tablet stays in place and doesn€™t drift, sway, or sag.

All necessary hardware and installation instructions included.

  • Compatibility: Tablets between 7" - 11"
  • Weight Capacity: 3.3 lbs.
  • Max Tray Size: 7.87" x 10.98"
  • Min Tray Size: 5.12" x 7.68"
  • Expandable Base: From 2.75" - 3.5"
  • Arm Extension: Up to 18"
  • Swivel: 180° on two joints, 360° on two joints
  • Rotate: 180°

MI-7320 Product Data Sheet

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