How to Decorate Around Your Wall Mounted TV

How to Decorate Around Your Wall Mounted TV

An ideal living room is functional, chic, and transitions seamlessly between social hour and movie night. The entire room is tied together by its fixtures, electronics, and furniture. In which case, if you’ve recently wall mounted your TV, it might be time to “blend it in.”  

Now that you figured out the answer to “What type of tv mount do I need?”, you are ready for the next step! Looking for tips on how to decorate around a wall mounted TV? Here are five easy ways to decorate around your TV for a flawless finish. When you incorporate the TV and the TV mount into your room’s design, you enjoy all the benefits of excellent entrainment without compromising on aesthetics. 

Frame Your TV

This is a simple solution that produces remarkable results.

Frame your TV like a painting for an elegant, artistic atmosphere. This works well with fixed mounts as the TV is stationary and the screen mimics artwork in the frame. Look for TVs that offer customizable screensavers or backgrounds so you can select an image to display when the TV isn’t in use.  

Pick the right frame to accentuate your design. For a fun, pop-art sensibility, choose a frame in a bold color. For a glamorous look, try an old-fashioned gold frame. Feeling minimal but want to add a little definition? Frame your TV with a simple black frame for a low-key finish that does not sacrifice any details. This is a perfect way to upgrade your flat screen tv wall in your family room or any other room where you want to make a statement with your wall decor and wall art!

Make a Gallery Wall 

If you’re a little eclectic, incorporate your TV into a gallery wall! Instead of featuring the TV as an accent piece, a gallery wall blends the TV in with the rest of your art collection.  It is a great way to blend your wall mount TV with home decor, framed artwork, and hanging photographs of your loved ones. 

A few suggestions on creating the perfect gallery for you:

  • Make it Monochromatic – If your living room has a muted color palette, place black and white prints around your TV. This way, everything ties together and your space will be calm and free of distractions (especially because the TV screen, when static, is black).
  • Focus on an Era Maybe you’re into impressionism or love art-deco. Source all your prints from a similar artistic genre for a colorful, yet cohesive aesthetic.
  • Get Creative You don’t need to exclusively include prints and framed art in your gallery wall. In fact, including 3D items disguises your TV even more. Hang shadow boxes to display knick-knacks or feature wooden signs and tools. Add an old clock for a vintage flare!

Add Books

Calling all bibliophiles! If you’re an avid reader and have a large collection of books, your TV should coexist with your library. Frame your TV with bookshelves to add warmth and character to your living room. 

For the coziest library vibes, use tall shelves to flank your TV. Color coordinate your books for an even more pleasing finish. If you want to embrace a whimsical style, place books on floating shelves around your TV. Incorporate your books with other art for variety and texture.

Design tip: Select the type of books you want to showcase carefully. Perhaps they’re books that were later adapted into movies? Or books on the theory of cinema? 

Make it Match

Decorating around a wall mounted TV doesn’t have to entail adding art and books to your space. If you like a minimal aesthetic, placing symmetrical items on either side of your TV is a great way to make the space feel intentional, without going overboard.

Find the perfect pair:

  • Hang wall sconces on either side of your TV for a timeless look
  • For TVs above the mantelpiece, place vases or candlesticks on each side
  • Flank your TV with plants or seasonal greens for an organic, earthy feel

Use Your Built-Ins

If your living room features wooden built-ins, integrate your TV into the unit. If you have spacious shelves, tuck your TV directly into the built-in. Place family photos and sentimental items on neighboring shelves to personalize the space. 

You might be able to hang a TV in the space between built-in units. If you have space, consider installing a cabinet or door to mask the screen.

If you don’t have built-in shelves but still want to disguise your TV, invest in a cupboard or armoire. This way, your TV is stored out of sight, and you’ll gain valuable storage for board games, books, and gaming consoles. An armoire is a particularly helpful investment if you have lots of wires and cables to hide. Plus, you can store your remotes in a designated drawer. 

Select a Sturdy Wall Mount

The last thing you want to worry about is stability when you’re decorating around your TV. That’s why at Mount-It! we provide a variety of high-quality options. Whether you prefer a fixed mount for your framed TV, or a tilting mount to hang your screen above the fireplace, Mount-It! has you covered. 

Before making a purchase, visualize how the TV is going to look in your living room. What decorations are going to complement the television, now that it’s mounted? Is it books? A gallery wall? Incorporating the piece into your built-in fixtures? Will you need speaker wall mounts? your aesthetic taste and the functionality of your room—this way, once the decorations are in place, the atmosphere is going to be exactly what you want. 


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