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Classroom & Education Classroom & Education

We think education is important, so we've developed a collection of products that help make teaching a little easier. From dry erase boards to portable workstations, we can help improve your classroom. Easily set up presentations with one of our laptop trays or projector carts. Work more efficiently with a mobile standing desk, and quickly switch between mediums with a rolling TV cart. Make sure your students are comfortable with an ergonomic desk and chair, so they can focus on learning. Classroom & Education optimization starts with Mount-It!

A teacher inn front of students pointing to notes on a whiteboard
Classroom & Education Classroom & Education
63 products
    63 products
    Height Adjustable Kid's Desk for Children K-12 - Mount-It!
    SKU: MI-10204
    Height Adjustable Kid's Desk for Children K-12
    Power Strip and Clamp Desk Mount - Mount-It!
    White Black
    SKU: MI-7281
    Desktop Power Strip