Sit-Stand Desk Converters & Adapters

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Sit-Stand Desk Converters & Adapters - Mount-It! Sit-Stand Desk Converters & Adapters - Mount-It!

    Don’t have a sit stand desk? No problem! Turn your existing desk into an active sit stand workstation with a sit stand converter. No assembly necessary. It works right out of the box so you can go from sitting in place to standing up in no time.

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    Standing Desk Converters

    Standing desks are becoming an increasingly popular way to improve the ergonomics of offices across the world. However, it is not always feasible for workers or companies to simply buy a new desk for their space.

    At Mount-It! we have put together a collection of adjustable standing desk converters that can quickly and easily transform any traditional desk into a stand-up desk. With a sit-stand workstation, you simply place the sit stand converter on your existing desk, add the removable keyboard tray and set it to your desired height.

    Some of the standing desk converter models are even electric so you can effortlessly transition from sitting to standing and back again while other manual standing desk converter models are lifted manually allowing for ultimate desk height setting customization.

    Our height adjustable standing desk converters are designed to be as compact as possible for your workspace. A desk riser should not come at the cost of cluttering your home office or work surface. Some models, however, can be large enough to fit multiple monitors and your laptop, along with a keyboard shelf. Installing a monitor mount is another way to convert your regular desk into a space that supports both a sitting and standing position. A monitor arm not only makes your screen height adjustable, but also allows you to change its tilt and angle.

    Why Choose Sit Stand Desk Converter?

    Research shows that sitting for extended periods of time not only negatively impacts your overall health, but can decrease levels of productivity and efficiency at work. Other studies show that using a desk riser or an adjustable standing desk converter helped to mitigate some of these risks while also improving mood, energy, and ergonomic alignment to reduce back and neck pain. 

    A monitor stand and sit-stand desktop converter can help you or your employees to begin experiencing some of these ergonomic benefits quickly. Get your sit stand converter today, transform your current desk space or workstation, and kiss back pain goodbye for good! You won’t regret it.