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iPad Mounts & Stands iPad Mounts & Stands

Versatile iPad Mounts for Every Need

We have iPad mounts for home that make it easier to watch a recipe in the kitchen, stream a movie, play a game, check messages or read a book. We also have iPad mounts and stands for retailers and other businesses. Many of them offer a secure option so that they can be locked and bolted into place, which protects against theft.  iPad mounts and stands are frequently used at sporting and music events, restaurants, hotel and hospitality locations and for check-out at retail.  Customers find iPads engaging and easy to use.

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iPad Mounts & Stands iPad Mounts & Stands
4 products
    4 products

    Elevate Productivity With iPad Mounts and Stands

    An iPad kiosk or iPad wall mount can help improve productivity in various settings by providing a secure and interactive platform for information access, data collection, and self-service tasks. Tablet kiosks can be used to provide information to customers or visitors without the need for staff intervention. For example, in a museum, visitors can use an iPad kiosk to access information about exhibits and maps In healthcare, hotels, and other industries, iPad kiosks can streamline the check-in process. Patients can check in at a medical office, and guests can register at a hotel using the kiosk, reducing wait times and freeing up staff for more critical tasks. In restaurants, cafes, and retail stores, iPad kiosks can enable customers to place orders and make payments without the need for a cashier. This reduces wait times and increases the efficiency of order processing. Collecting customer feedback and conducting surveys is made more accessible through iPad stands. This data can be valuable for businesses to make improvements and adjustments. In workplaces, iPad kiosks can be used for employee time clock systems. Employees can clock in and out easily, and this data can be integrated into payroll systems. Tablet kiosks can be combined with other office accessories for a head-to-toe workspace solution.

    Improve Accessibility and Explore our iPad Stands Range

    iPad kiosks can be customized to include accessibility features, making it easier for people with disabilities to access information or services. Our iPad stands with adjustable height and angle settings allow users to position the tablet at a comfortable viewing angle and height. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues, such as those using wheelchairs or who need to access the tablet from a seated or lying position. Moreover, iPad stands can help position the tablet at the optimal height and angle for users who rely on voice control and built-in accessibility features. By positioning the iPad appropriately, it can be more easily integrated into the user's environment. Ensuring that the iPad stand is stable and durable is crucial for accessibility. Users with limited mobility may rely on the stand for long periods, and a stable platform is essential to maintain usability. That's why our enclosures are made from high-strength steel and sturdy aluminum.

    Optimize Your Space and Choose the Right iPad Stand For You

    Finding the right iPad mount or stand for your specific needs involves considering several factors and conducting thorough research. Begin by clearly defining your objectives. What do you want to achieve with the iPad kiosk? Are you looking to provide information, collect data, process payments, or perform some other task? The define your specific use case to ensure you select the right features, i.e. is it for self-service check-in, wayfinding, customer engagement, or something else? Next, consider the location. Will the iPad stand be placed in a public environment and therefore require an anti-theft feature? At Mount-It! we carry a wide selection of tablet mounts and stands that can be locked for added security in public spaces. Make sure you also consider potential accessibility requirements such as adjustable height or angle. Last but not least, make sure the stand or mount you select is compatible with your specific iPad model. 

    Quality Design and Optimal Performance iPad Mounts

    Choose from our large assortment of iPad mounts and stands for iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad generations 7 to 10. All our solutions are made of quality materials to stand the test of time. No matter if you use your iPad mount inside your home or an iPad kiosk to guide your visitors and guests - explore our height adjustable, anti-theft and wall mounted iPad solutions to find the perfect match for your needs.

    Discover Our iPad Vehicle Mounts and Hands-Free Convenience

    Are you on the road a lot? Take your iPad workstation with you and install it safely in your vehicle with one of our iPad car mounts or iPad truck mounts. Mounting an iPad in your car allows you to quickly update that meeting report, search for an alternative route or check your emails while on a break between tasks.