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Is your neck or shoulders constantly hurting after being on your computer for hours? Beyond your posture, your discomfort may be caused by a poor monitor setup. We recommend an upgrade to your monitor’s positioning to remedy this problem. While a monitor desk mount is practical for some people, others may be more limited on desk space or they might  desire a cleaner computer setup.  For those with limited space, a monitor stand or dual monitor stand  just takes up too much of their desk real estate and can leave you feeling cramped while working. For this situation, we recommend a monitor wall mount. A new wall mount will allow you the freedom of choice in how your monitor is angled and displayed while also saving you desk space. Our monitor mounts come in various options, but most come with an adjustable and articulating monitor arm that is attached to the wall via a wall bracket and mounting holes. Start improving your computer monitor setup today!

3 products
Mount-It! Dual Arm Wall Monitor Mount - MI-766 - Mount-It!
SKU: MI-766
Dual Arm Monitor Wall Mount
SKU: MI-1766
Dual Monitor Wall Mount
Mount-It! Articulating Dual Monitor Wall Mount - MI-43114 - Mount-It!
SKU: MI-43114
Silver Black
Articulating Dual Monitor Wall Mount

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