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HelloTech’s TV mounting service is fast, easy and convenient. Book your appointment online or by phone for a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll send one of our helpful and experienced experts to get your new TV up and running in no time. Service usually takes about an hour to complete and includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We don’t just mount your TV; we go above and beyond to ensure that your TV viewing experience is the best it can be.


Your tech will work with you to identify the perfect location for your TV. They’ll take into account your preferences, optimal viewing angle and distance, as well as safety.

Service includes:
  • Install a bracket and mount one TV
  • Connect all necessary video and basic audio components
  • Conceal in-wall rated wires or mask wires externally if selected. (Fees cover labor only. Customer must supply cord concealment and masking materials. Please note, television power cables are not rated for in-wall wire concealment.)
  • Configure any necessary peripheral devices

Once you’re happy with the location, your tech will utilize the proper tools to measure, level and secure your TV for a professional result. If you’re not quite sure, go ahead and ask your tech to give you an idea of the exact placement using tape. With HelloTech expert installation, you can be sure that your TV will be mounted securely and safely. We also offer various cord concealment options to complete the clean, modern look you’re after. 

Your service doesn’t end there. Setup also includes TV calibration, connecting your TV to WiFi and setting up your SmartTV apps. We’ll then show you how it all works so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.


Prefer to DIY?

If you're considering installing your Mount-It! product yourself, check out the Top 10 things to keep in mind when mounting a TV.

Here are the simple steps to install your TV mount:

Step 1
Step 1

Find the studs where the mount will be installed. Mark the holes on the wall. Drill pilot holes. Insert the wall hardware to secure the wall plate to the wall.

Step 2
Step 2

Locate the VESA holes behind your TV and pick the correct spacer and screws to connect the vertical TV brackets to the back of your TV.

Step 3
Step 3

Hang the TV on the wall mount, and secure the TV brackets.

Step 4
Step 4

Adjust the tilt and swivel angle of the TV, and enjoy!


Single Stud Installation

Double Stud Installation