Dual Computer Monitor Mount, Fits 20-27 Inch Screens, Black– MI-43111B

  • $167.99

The cable management ready integration also bundles and hides cords from view. Built from die cast aluminum alloy, this mount has a high load capacity of 19.8 lbs. per screen. It is also engineered to look slim, lightweight, and install quickly. The Grommet design is nearly universal for any desk (.79 to 5 inch range) and takes mere seconds to tighten. Finished with a sleek and contemporary silver coat. The product you purchased comes with a combination of clamp and grommet base, suitable for two different installation options. If you would like to use the product in clamp configuration to connect it to the edge of your desk, no additional steps are required, as the product base comes in clamp base configuration as default. If you would like to use the product in grommet configuration to connect it to a grommet hole on your desk, please remove the back side of the clamp from the base of the pole and use the pole as a grommet assembly.


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