Extra-Tall Dual Spring Arm Adjustable Monitor Desk Mount | MI-45111

  • $199.99

Rotate your screen or tilt it to reduce sun glare and make a more comfortable work environment. The massive amount of height adjustability gives you the ability to create a unique sit/stand desk arrangement. Sit/Stand desks have been proven to be more beneficial to your physical health and the AMA recommends all employees working 6 hours or more should use one.

Spring Arm

Our versatile desk arrangement gives you the freedom to create any environment. Your screens can be moved from a €œcockpit" style arrangement, to a widescreen, to completely separate entities. This mount is part spring-arm which means it has adjustable tension settings. Create a tight spring arm if you want a stiff €“ unmovable €“ mount or create a loose spring arm which can be adjust frequently and fluidly. The quick release buttons on each joint release your mount in seconds for fully adjustable motions. Moving your screens will be easy and comfortable.

Durable and Long Lasting

The sturdy material is capable of maintaining your mount for the lifetime of your screens. Our universal VESA bracket design can support most monitors on the market. Which means even if you upgrade or change monitors, it will be easy to find a compatible match your mount. This product is high quality, long lasting, and easy to install. The grommet clamp requires a single hole in your desk with which most office desks are now pre-equipped. Then screw the clamp until it is tight. The process is extremely easy and we offer help with our around-the-clock customer service. 

All necessary hardware and installation instructions includedPlease check VESA and screen weight for compatibility


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