5 Creative Ways to Use Your Articulating TV Wall Mount With A Long Arm

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Articulating TV Wall Mount With A Long Arm - Mount-It!

You’ve finally got your hands on the MI-392 Dual Arm TV Wall Mount with Extra Long Extension! The good news is that you’ve got one of the best and most capable TV wall mounts on the market and it's easy to install—the bad news is there are so many creative ways to use it that you may have trouble deciding where it should go. 

And, after reading this, you may just realize you need to buy more than one!

Below, we’ll discuss 5 creative ways you can use your articulating TV wall mount with long arm

Ways to Use Your Long Arm TV Wall Mount

Before we dive into your various options for mounting your TV, it’s important to review the specs on this incredible piece of hardware. The MI-392 is a beast, capable of fitting TVs with screens up to 90 inches. It’s made to fit any TV with a VESA pattern ranging from 100mm x 100mm to 800mm x 400mm. 

Important features include:

  • Impressive extension – This extra-long arm TV mount can extend outwards more than 36 inches, which provides seemingly limitless maneuverability and viewability. 
  • Weight Bearing – The sturdy dual arm support allows it to hold up to 176 pounds, even when fully extended. 
  • Full-motion – Not only does this full-motion mount offer dramatic extension, it can also tilt and swivel. It can swivel 180 degrees and tilt +/- 5 degrees. This ensures that wherever you put it, you can maneuver it for that perfect viewing angle. 

Now that we’ve covered a few of the characteristics of the Mi-392, it’s time to review some of the fantastic ways you can use it. 

These include:

Soak it Up

Recently, there’s been a trend where interior designers seek to replicate the luxurious nature of the spa by bringing it home—to the master bathroom. Now, the master bath is the perfect place to relax and spend time, particularly if you have a jacuzzi tub. Installing a long-arm TV wall mount on your bathroom wall transforms your bathroom into an entertainment mecca. 

By installing the MI-392 on the sidewall, you can “soak it up” and watch a movie from the comfort of the bath, or stay up to date with the news as you get ready for your day ahead. Or if installing your television on the sidewall isn’t a good place, try the ceiling. Doing this is easier than you think! Just check out our article on How to Mount a TV From the Ceiling.

If you’d like further inspiration, check out Better Homes and Gardens for more ideas! 

Put Baby in the Corner

They say that “no one puts Baby in the corner” but now, it may be time to reconsider that notion! 

If you have limited space in your home (or an oddly shaped room), you may prefer to put the TV in the corner. Before, with static TVs, this was less than ideal; but now, you can put the TV wherever. When you want to watch, you simply pull it out and maneuver it into the optimal viewing angle. 

Once you’re done, go ahead and put that baby back in the corner. Hide it away to let the room breathe! Bring it out when it’s time for entertainment. 

Hide it

Perhaps you don’t want a screen to be the centerpiece of the room? If you’d prefer another object to act as the focal point, it may be worth covering it up or putting it inside something. 

One possible installation option would be to put it within an armoire or cabinet with lockable doors. Then, when you want to watch TV, all you have to do is pull it out, position it to your desired angle, and you’re all set. 

Viola! The TV only appears when you want it to (this is a godsend for many interior designers). 

Go Traditional

If you want to mount your flat screen TV in your living room directly across the couch, the good news is you don’t have to worry about lighting (both natural and unnatural), height, or the viewing angle since you can move it away from the glare or angle it to align perfectly with your line of sight. 

When you do decide to mount the television, Kim Komando recommends that you pay attention to the following during the installation process:

The wall you’re mounting the TV to is also an important factor. If it’s brick, mounting that bad boy is going to be a much bigger challenge than with drywall. On the other hand, if you’ve just brought home a 60-inch TV and you’re mounting on drywall, you’ll need to make sure to find the studs and get the right tools for the job to keep things tight and secure.

If you’d like more information, learn how to mount a TV on brick here.

Watch Outside

As Architectural Digest writes: “Install an outdoor television to create a spot for alfresco viewing.” Few things are as enjoyable as watching the big game or a movie while you’re outside grilling, hanging by the fireplace, soaking in the jacuzzi, or relaxing on the outdoor patio. Regardless of what outside activity you wish to enjoy, with the extendable arm, you can cover your screen in waterproof cabinetry and then take it out when it’s entertainment time! 

Just think about how much better your football Sunday viewing experience could be with a tilting wall mount. Both your friends and family will love the ability to be outside, play games, grill up dogs and burgers, all without having to miss a single second of football! 

And, let’s be honest, having your personal drive-in theater beneath a blanket of stars is, well, nothing short of magical. 

Mounting Your TV

The beautiful thing about the intelligent design of the long arm TV wall mount is that it provides you with limitless opportunities to place your TV. With the correct mounting hardware, it's easy to install so you can enjoy your ideal TV viewing experience in no time. If necessary, use VESA adapters. Learn about all the benefits of an extra long arm TV mount for more details!

The only restrictions, in this case, are confined to your imagination. 


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