Top 5 Wall Mounted Desks

Top 5 Wall Mounted Desks

In a world where we spend more time indoors than ever, it’s important that we maximize our office space. If free-standing desks cramp your style, consider a wall mounted desk; or a few. Wall mounted desks can transform into shelves, work benches, or casual office corners. 

Your desk and office space should be your most productive area in your home. To make it a little more comfortable, organized, and to free up some storage space, there are many space saving office ideas you can do. Here are the top 5 best wall mounted desks.

Why a Wall Mounted Desk?

What are the benefits of a wall mounted desk over a free-standing or traditional desk? 

  • Easy Installation – Installing a wall desk couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve picked your ideal spot, most wall desks can be installed with a few screws and a screwdriver or drill.
  • Serious Space-Saver – Wall mounted desks are a compact, non-intrusive addition to any working, living, or small space. Many can fold away when not in use. Plus, you can customize the desk space below and above with chairs, cabinets, and anything else you can imagine.
  • Sitting and Standing Options – With wall mounted desks, mobility options are endless. You can install these desks at any height, perfect for a standing workspace—or place a chair underneath to make a sitting desk. Many of these models can adjust for either position, so you never have to sit still. 
  • Clean Look – In addition to maximizing your space, wall mounted desks look sleek and modern. Whether you’re using them as storage to eliminate clutter, or as a workspace that can fold up and disappear, a wall mounted desk can elevate any room. 

Top 5 Wall Mounted Desks

There are a diverse selection of wall mounted desks for any task. Are you looking for a casual desk to hold a roving workstation? A heavy duty workbench for projects? A full kit to safely house your CPU, cables, and multiple monitors? 

Whatever your preference, our monitor mounts and desks are built for the job. These are the top 5 wall mounted desks that will improve your living and working space:

1. Sit Stand Laptop Wall Mounted Desk – If you’re looking for something to support a laptop, rather than a full CPU, a Sit Stand Laptop Wall Mounted Desk is for you. The telescoping height can be adjustable, so you can study, work, or game at any height. This versatile desk is compact enough to fit anywhere in your house, apartment, or even dorm room. 

2. Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Table / Workbench – This low-profile design is amazing for busy households. The drop leaf table is a single workbench that can be locked in place to support something as light as a laptop, or as heavy as a load of laundry. These desks use sturdy wall brackets to hold up anything, and keep it there.



3. Monitor & Keyboard Wall Mount – If you need to support a little more than a laptop, look no further than a classic monitor and keyboard wall mount. This desk includes the basics for your workstation, with a secure mount for a single monitor, and a platform for a keyboard that comes with a cushy mousepad. If you’re looking for an alternative to large standing desks, this versatile get-up-and-go model is for you.

4. Wall Mounted Sit-Stand Single Monitor Workstation – The Sit-Stand Workstation includes all the features of the basic Monitor & Keyboard Wall Mount, and more. In addition to the large monitor mount and keyboard tray, this desk includes a CPU mount and a cable management system to keep your spare wires tucked out of sight. Easily switch from standing to sitting desk with the touch of a button. The monitor mount has a full-motion mechanism that can swivel, tilt, and rotate your screen for optimal viewing angles; plus, it comes with a detachable VESA plate, offering effortless installation. 

5. Dual Monitor Wall Mount Workstation – If you have two monitors in your workspace, you don’t need to sacrifice one to use a wall mounted desk. This dual mounted workstation has all the features of the Single Monitor Workstation, with a dual monitor stand for an extra monitor. This system is flexible, with an easily adjustable height, and saves tons of space in your home.

Ready to Maximize Your Space? Mount-It! Can Help

Now that our indoor space is more important than ever, it may be time to commit to that wall-mounted desk of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a complete solution to contain a full CPU set with double monitors, or you just need a sturdy workbench that can disappear when you need it to, Mount-It! can help the best wall mounted desks and teach you how to mount a desk to a wall

Let Mount-It! modernize your work experience; we’ll give you the room to stand up, stretch out, and eliminate wasted space.


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