Deck Out Your RV, Camper, or Van with the Best #LifeOnTheRoad Work and Entertainment Solutions

Deck Out Your RV, Camper, or Van with the Best #LifeOnTheRoad Work and Entertainment Solutions

By Firat Ozkan, Mount-It! Co-Founder

Need Your Netflix in the Wild?

With the new world order of remote work and extended living on the road, travelers are increasingly looking to incorporate practical work and entertainment solutions into their vans, RVs and campers.

With space at a premium, there are three options for adding a TV to a recreational vehicle.

Wall Mounting

The most popular option, a Full Motion Lockable RV and Trailer TV Mount is easily installed and saves precious counter space by mounting to a wall. It also includes a second bracket so a single TV can be moved from one bracket to another, providing two TV locations. Many models have a full motion design, allowing the TV to extend and to be tilted, swiveled and rotated for multiple viewing angles.

Interested in learning how to install a TV mount in your RV? Follow our Step-by-Step video.

Under Cabinet Mounting

under cabinet tv mount in camper van

A TV can easily be installed under upper kitchen cabinetry with an option like the Under Cabinet and Ceiling TV Mount. These fold the TV up under the cabinet when not in use and easily pull down and swivel when ready for use. Certain compact designs are perfect for travel vans, holding TVs up to 23”.

Bolt Down Mounting

bolt down tv mount in RV

If you are looking for a home movie experience on the road, the Bolt Down TV Stand for 32" to 55", supports larger TVs that weigh up to 110 lbs and can be installed on an interior ledge or cabinet. This heavy duty mount is very stable and the swivel feature allows you to move your TV to the perfect position.

Computer Time on the Road

 Sit-stand options for small spaces are a perfect solution.

Standing Desk Converters

standing desk converter for RV

The compact Sit-Stand Adjustable Desk Converter can be easily set up on a RV table, providing an ergonomic sit stand workstation option in any small space. The gas springs let you quickly transition from sitting to standing and can easily be moved to be used on a picnic or folding table and then quickly collapsed and stored.

Another option, the Height-Adjustable Laptop Notebook Desk Stand, offers quick and easy set-up on tables up to 4” thick. It easily adjusts up and down, swivels to the left or right, and the tilt can be modified up to 90 degrees for your laptop. It is also ideal for saving space and improving ergonomics.

Driving Hacks That Make Life Easier

Hands Free Smart Driving

cupholder tablet mount

Need a navigational boost? The Heavy-Duty Cup Holder Tablet ELD Mount can help you to easily follow smart navigational directions from the driver or passenger seat.

Steering Wheel Turned Desk/Eating Tray/Reading Shelf

Spending more time in your car than usual? Turn your steering wheel into a mini table for working, reading, or eating? You Betcha with the super cool Double Sided Multi Use Steering Wheel Tray.

Backseat Entertainment Center

headrest tray

Traveling with little ones? Create a Backseat Entertainment Center for little travelers with a Headrest Mount or Tray. Choose one that holds a phone or tablet and a drink or a simple tablet mount.

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