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a living room with a red couch and a christmas tree
With the holidays just around the corner and coronavirus-related delays impacting the postal system, it’s a good idea to get your holiday shopping done sooner rather than later. Of course, the hardest part about buying the perfect gift for your friends and family is figuring out what to get them in the first place. To give you some unique ideas and get you pointed in the right direction, here is Mount-It’s gift guide for everyone on your holiday list.
How to Attach a TV Mount to an RV Wall

Recreational vehicles are the ultimate adventure machine, giving you a mobile station featuring all the necessities of home while you explore the wilderness or travel cross-country. While fitting a flat-screen TV inside an RV is easy, some adventurers may want to mount a TV onto the walls of an RV. An RV wall mount can save space, present a cleaner look, and keep the TV more secure when the road gets a little bumpy.

What Is a Low-Profile TV Mount?
As flat-screen TVs have become more affordable and improved in size and quality, TV mounts have only grown in popularity. Mounts allow you to save space, optimize your viewing experience, and create a more aesthetically pleasing home design. Low-profile TV mounts are an excellent introduction to the world of mounts. Learn more about low-profile mounts and why you might get one below.
The Best Standing Desk Accessories for Productivity
Science has discovered the increased health risks from sitting for several hours of the day and leading a generally sedentary life. As a means of adapting, many people working in their office or home office have invested in standing desks, which allow you to alternate between standing and sitting. This allows for greater activity and prevents you from staying sedentary.
How to Decorate Around Your Wall Mounted TV
An ideal living room is functional, chic, and transitions seamlessly between social hour and movie night. The entire room is tied together by its fixtures, electronics, and furniture. In which case, if you’ve recently wall mounted your TV, it might be time to “blend it in.”
The Top 5 Work From Home Must-Haves

If you’re wondering how to successfully work from home or just looking to improve your productivity and comfort while working at home, the solution may be in your workspace. Everything from your desk chair to your coffee maker can impact your efficiency and workflow. But with just a few simple upgrades, you can transform any room into a sleek, efficient work station. 

How to Successfully Work from Home & Enjoy It
Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, life has hardly been “business as usual.” Instead of going into the office each day, you might be working solely from home for the first time in your life. Although you don’t miss your commute (and who could blame you), there’s no doubt that the transition from office life to WFH life is challenging.
How to Create an In-Home Movie Theater - Mount-It!
With the increasing social distance measures required by the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are staying indoors. That can be discouraging for those who love the classic movie theater experience. Thankfully, with the advent of advanced technology, you can bring the movie theater right into your home. Sure, you may not have access to new releases, but you can get pretty close to the real experience and maybe even add some improvements like a better seating arrangement or a backyard movie night. Here are some home movie theater ideas and tips to help you get started.
10 Tips on How to Burn Calories at Work - Mount-It!

Studies have shown that extended hours of sitting every day can contribute to some real health problems, and not just on your bottom. A meta-analysis showed that sitting for eight or more hours per day contributed to health risks on par with smoking. Furthermore, sitting for extended periods is often associated with a generally sedentary lifestyle, which can put you at an increased risk of metabolic syndrome.

How to Avoid Neck Pain at Work

It’s no coincidence that the rise of office jobs has led to an increase in neck pain. Although most people don’t typically think about their office job as physically taxing, sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day can be much more tiring than most people realize. Without the proper precautions and forethought, you may strain your muscles and joints and end up with some long-term injuries.

How to Create an Outdoor Entertainment Area - Mount-It!

With the weather warming up and the continued quarantining and social distancing measures, it’s as good a time as any to spend some time in your outdoor space to soak up some sun and feel the breeze on your skin. Creating the right outdoor entertainment area does take some proper planning and precaution to ensure that you have optimal space, whether you want an outdoor fireplace, terrace, or to put your home movie theater ideas to use. Learn how to create the perfect backyard entertainment space below.

Tips for Organizing Your Computer Desk - Mount-It!

As work-from-home spaces continue to grow in popularity, the need for decent organization is more important than ever. Being able to sort through work files to find exactly what you need contributes to convenience and productivity. The organization of your work desk can set the tone for your work and maintain your overall efficiency. Continue reading to find out how to organize  your computer desk to suit your personal needs.